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Nancy Cronk for State Representative

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"I believe in an economy where hard work is rewarded -- and everyone -- not just those at the top, has a fair shot at the American Dream. Whether you are a single mom raising two kids in Aurora, or a small business owner in the tech center, you deserve to have your hard work rewarded fairly and equitably." 
~ Nancy Cronk

On Public Safety: 
Our heroes in uniform have protected Coloradans from the worst fires in the country, several mass shootings, epic flooding, 
and much more. They deserve our unquestioned support. First responders will have a friend at the Capitol when I am elected.

On Education: 
I will bring all community stakeholders to the table to make sure money for education ends up in the classroom, not in bureaucracy. 
I am against excessive amounts of standardized testing which waste precious education funds and teacher instruction time.

On Small Businesses: 
I will reward innovation that creates better-paying jobs for a stronger and more secure middle class. 
I will make it easier for small businesses to thrive and to prosper.

On Freedom:
Government has no business in your bedroom, your doctor's office or your email. Period.

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"Thank You!"

...to all of the voters, donors, volunteers and supporters of my race for HD37. Although I lost, our campaign was impressive -- in just six months, we raised 40K from hundreds of regular people like you. We made 21,000 calls, knocked on 13,000 doors and talked to thousands of citizens! We changed the conversation in Centennial, away from corporate interests to family interests -- like public education, community services, higher education, individual liberties, small businesses and protecting our beautiful CO wilderness. 

You inspired Centennial voters, and you inspired me. HD37 will never be the same; Centennial area voters will expect more from their State Representative than they ever have before. Thank you!

What's next? After a year of campaigning for the local fire board and for State Representative, I am taking a much-needed break from politics for awhile. Thank you to all of you for your support, your friendship, and your vision. Please keep in touch!